NQcontent Product Editions

NQcontent V3 platform is available in two editions to facilitate a wider spectrum of enterprise sizes. NQcontent V3 editions, Professional Edition and the Enterprise Edition, are applicable for different sizes of projects, and/or organisation sizes. Below you will find a description of the two editions as well as a comparison matrix that distinctively indicate their differences.

NQcontent V3 Professional Edition

NQcontent V3 Professional Edition is suitable for small to medium size organisations without demanding workflow and approval processes needs. The Professional Edition uses the same NQcontent WCM Core Module and has the same functionality and performance capabilities, even though it is limited in some enterprise-related features.

NQcontent V3 Enterprise Edition

NQcontent V3 Enterprise Edition is suitable for medium to large size organisations that need to maintain and enforce business process rules, and need to take advantage of the entire web content management benefits in order to enhance performance and reduce operational costs.

NQcontent V3 Comparison Matrix

Click to download NQcontent V3 Comparison Matrix document.


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